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PM | Company Overview

A Full Service Artist Management Company


PM | Company Overview

Persistent Management™

Persistent Management™ is a full service artist management company.

Launched in the spring of 2008 our artist and creative roster includes, singer songwriter Eric Knight, feature film and television Director/Producer Keith L. Shaw and our latest addition hard rock act the Disciples Of Babylon.

With their headquarters based in Los Angeles, PM is already working with some of today's hottest artists on the music as well as creative scenes, and are poised and ready to become one of the premiere artist management companies in the entertainment industry.


Artist Roster

Disciples Of Babylon™

Is an International rock band based in Hollywood, California. The lineup consists of vocalist & rhythm guitarist Eric Knight, lead guitarist Ramon Blanco bassist Gui Bodi and drummer Chris Toeller. Individually they have released several national releases amongst them. Some opening for some of the biggest bands in the world such as: Aerosmith, KISS, The Dave Matthews Band and Kid Rock. They each have toured extensively throughout the US and overseas performing at such festivals as the Warped Tour. The band just released its debut EP 'Welcome to Babylon' to rave reviews.

Eric Knight

Eric Knight has taken the contemporary appropriate “do-it-yourself” attitude to a whole new level. Opening for acts including KISS, Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith and Kid Rock, Knight has worked tirelessly to introduce his original music to the masses. He recently walked away with Outstanding Male Solo Artist bragging rights at the Rockies Awards in Hollywood. Dressed to kill in a sharp suit and tie, he offers a decidedly unbridled take on rock that remains tastefully aware of rock and roll’s pioneers but determined to redefine it even as he picks up the torch. Knight is currently working on his third album, Delusions of Grandeur, slated for release later this year.


Keith L. Shaw (Director/Producer)

With a total of 19 years of experience as a Director, Producer and Assistant Director in both the television and the feature world, Keith has worked on projects for HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Comedy Central and Teen Nick to name a few.

In charge of 140 people on the sets of "The Apprentice 2, 3, 4 and 6" as Field Producer; Produced by Mark Burnett and having worked as Production Supervisor on ABC’s Oprah Winfrey presents “The Big Give” Produced by Berthram Van Munster and Elise Doganieri (“Amazing Race”) Keith is uniquely qualified to prep and execute the highest level of television and Features.

Keith recently served as Director on Season 3 of the Docu-Sport “3Gun Nation” which aires on The Sportsman Channel. Keith has recently completed work on the highly regarded Indie feature, “Suicide Dolls” where he served as Director and Producer on the project.  In 2006 Keith and Philippe Denham produced the feature film “Privileged” for Glass House Productions.

After a season on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Keith was accepted to the DGA's Director's Single Camera Program, and shortly after, directed on the PBS series “Madison Heights”.  Keith has extensively filmed on location across the United States and he has also worked Overseas.   Some other credits includes “Jersey Shore” (MTV), “School Pride” (ABC), “Gigantic” (TeenNic), “Tool Academy” (VH1), “Design Star” (HGTV), “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO), “Power Rangers” & “VR Troopers” (Saban), “Son of the Beach” (F/X), “Orgazmo” (Rogue) and “Blowing Smoke” ( Indie Feature 2005 release).


Subsidiary Companies


MUBUTV™ which stands for Music Business Television is intended to be the first subscription based online 24 hour Music Industry centric WEB channel. Our focus is to provide news and original programming designed to inform, educate and empower music artists, bands, musicians, in addition to music industry professionals and music fans about all areas of modern music, tech and the business that surrounds them.

The CNN for the world of music… Online!


Symbiotic Nation™

We believe that a massive globally-interconnected infrastructure composed of creative talent, forward thinking visionaries and strategic partnerships, will have the ability to change the "Entertainment Industry" as we know it today by exchanging ideas and reacting to changes in real time.

We also believe, that this formidable "Superstructure" would gain and maintain power & mass influence that will completely replace the existing industry with a new open source business model.

This new "symbiotic" approach would offer new opportunities for all emerging talent & global partners. Ultimately, the breaking down of previously closed avenues would provide all participants with a greater chance of success through new open roads.

At its core, our own nation - composed of closely linked contacts and networks, using existing platforms and readily available free resources, can become a force to be reckoned with by its sheer size, mobility, focus & determination.

We believe that a global think tank, is where new innovative concepts and groundbreaking ideas will be born by sharing, educating, communicating and broadcasting all strategic moves quickly throughout the entire nation.

By creating new symbiotic relationships, we develop a vast audience of followers, endless channels of opportunities, new revenue streams, networking and personal creative independence never before achieved.

What Is Symbiotic Nation?

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